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Kyle Musser



Phone: 443.536.2520


Kyle Musser is the currently serving Adjutant of the

Carroll County Detachment. He is one of the few

Associate Members in the detachment. He graduated from

Manchester Valley High School in 2011.

In 2009, he joined the Carroll County Young Marines.

Where he now serves as one of its two Training

Officers. During his time as a Young Marine, he was

awarded the 2010 Unit Young Marine of the Year. He also

graduated from the Division Junior Leadership School.

He also was awarded the marksmanship award with bronze

“S” for sharpshooter.

Kyle joined the League in 2014, and is a 2015 graduate

of the Department of Maryland Leadership College.

During the 2017 Department of Maryland Convention, he

was awarded the Distinguished Citizen Medal-Silver. The

highest award in the department

As the Adjutant, Kyle Musser’s duties include taking

each meeting’s minutes and sending them to the

detachment. Additionally, he is responsible for keeping

the records for membership. And, he is responsible for

assisting the detachment Pay Master.

Duties of the Adjutant:

The Adjutant is the Administrative Secretary for the Detachment. The Adjutant shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings. He shall make available copies of the previous general membership meeting minutes at each general membership meeting.


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