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Our Business Sponsors


Carroll County Detachment Marine Corps League #896 is primarily funded by the generosity of the local community including local businesses, employers of detachment members, and individual detachment members and their relatives.  It is our mission to provide as much support as possible to as many Marines as possible whether they are Acitive Duty, Reserve, Veteran, wounded, distressed, recovering, healthy, employed, unemployed, single, married, retired, indebted, deployed, at Boot Camp, pursuing a degree, lonely, etc., etc., etc....


We believe that supporting Marines in all of their endeavors is an important duty and helps improve our community and our American society in general.  We ask that you would consider joining us by supporting us financially.  Keep in mind that these contributions are tax deductible!  We hope to post your contirubtion soon and combine it with a link to your business or organization!  Thanks in advace for your giving spirit and consideration.


Become a sponsor today!




Gold Sponsors -- $750+

Oscar's Alehouse









Silver Sponsors -- up to $750

C. K. Signals, Inc.; Caleb Sebra, President


Bronze Sponsors -- up to $500

Janey Montgomery Scott, LLC; Todd E. Mitchell, Vice President


Crimson Sponsors -- up to $100

Liberty Reservoir Motors



Please email: info@ccmarines with any questions or concerns.

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