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Here you can find several resources that might assist you in finding employment, building out your professional network, or promoting your business.  Some of the resources are referenced in other places on this site as well.


Military to Civilian Transition Help

We recommend Orders To Nowhere... to all who are currently trying to make the transition.  It's a refreshing way to remember that the transition is a life stage that all Marines go through.  A lot of good resources and information here!


There are other sites listed in a section below, but probably one of the most professional career sites specifically geared toward Veterans is


Government Resources

The Carroll County, Maryland government has staffed a position specifically dedicated to helping Veterans find employment!  Kurt Hider has provided personal assistance so some of the Marines in our detachment during times of transition.  Get more Carroll County details here!


The State of Maryland has dedicated a web page specifically targeting Veterans with links to other state jobs and other important Veterans employment resources.  Get more State of Maryland details here


The Federal government through the Department of Veterans Administration provides employment resources to Veterans here. Get more Federal/VA details here!



Organizations that Assist Veterans in Finding Employment

Here are several organizations that help connect Veterans to meaningful employment.  Email if you find other helpful groups that aren't listed below:




Job Fair Resources

We recommend using Google to find upcoming job fairs, but here are a few tools that might be helpful:


Upcoming job fairs posted by

Upcoming job fairs posted by State of Maryland




Networking Resources

Marine For Life is an official program of the Unites States Marine Corps that is aimed at helping Marines transition out of the Corps and into the corporate world.  Marine For Life provides access to a wide array of networking, employment, and education resources.  Point any transitioning Marine toward Marine For Life to use as an additional tool in their transition arsenal.  There is a Marine for Life Network on LinkedIn that provides useful transition guidance as well and a promotional video that better explains how Marine For Life might be of assistance.  M4L is also on Facebook.

The National Marine Corps Business Network is a professional organization of Marines.  NMCBN provides access to a wide array of networking, employment, and education resources.  Point any Marine who is a business owner or any transitioning Marine toward NMCBN to use as an additional networking and promotional tool.  Also find NMCBN on LinkedIn.

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