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Education     -    Career     -   Leadership Development


Here, MCL 896 will provide targeted guidance to those aspiring to be Marines, currently serving as Marines, or enjoying life as Marine Corps veterans.


The goal of the education section is to:

  1. Encourage all regardless of age to continously seek self-improvement through education and higher learning.

  2. Provide suggestions to Marines and Veterans as to how to best pursue a Bachelors or Masters degree whether  using GI Bill benefits, employer tuition assistance, eductional loans, or private funds.

  3. Proivide advice to current high school students, Young Marines, or JROTC participants about the importance of college education regardless of whether or not one ever serves in the miliatry.


The goal of the career section is to:

  1. Assist local Marine Corps personnel and veterans with finding meaningful employment.

  2. Provide a current list of state & local government agencies that can also assist in job searches or placements.

  3. Inform job seekers of upcoming military & vetearn friendly job fairs that might improve employment prospects.

  4. Keep Marines informed of businesses in the local area that are owned and/or operated by other Marines via the National Marine Corps Business Network and the Marine For Life Network.


The goal of the leadership development section is to:

  1. Inspire Marines to be leaders in character and ingenuity in all aspects of thier lives.

  2. Direct Marines to appropriate leadership tools, resources, and education.

  3. Encourage Marine Corps League members everwhere to take on leadership roles in their respective departments or detachments.

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