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Our Vision and Leadership Style




Our vision is to see Marines of Carroll County, Maryland and the surrounding areas recognized for their service regardless of the capacity in which they served.  All Marines deserve to have their collective story told.  Our organization hopes to accomplish this by interfacing with local Marines as much as possible and by searching for ways in whcih to better serve each one.  As we come together as Marines, we hope to offer our community an important source of pride.  Even today, we continue to embody as much as possible the Marine Corps values instilled in us of Honor, Courage, Commitment, the 14 Leadership Traits, and the 11 Leadership Principles.  Once a Marine, Always a Marine!





Lead From the front.

Take the initiative.

Claim responsibility.

Adjust to change.

Pay attention to detail.

Minimize causes of failure.

Be self-disciplined and physically fit.

Use knife hands (just kidding).

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