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Ana Turner




Phone: 703-200-2224


Ana Yancy Solloso Aguilar was born in Washington DC in 1982 on May 5th to mother Martha Aguilar, father Manuel Solloso. She has one brother named Manuel Jr and seven step brother’s and sister’s. When Ana was little she grew up in Washington D.C., and the Maryland and Virginia Metropolitan Area. Ana’s mother and father were both Chef’s and as a child Ana remembers going with her father and mother to work. Ana is a graduate of T.C Williams and studied at Strayer University for Business, while working at an accounting firm as a Secretary. Ana spent most of her life working in a variety of work like an Account Executive for HSBC, Leasing Agent, Sales Associate/Installer at Comcast and an Office Manager for the Fairfax Government Center Security Office where she ran finger prints for background checks.

Ana has four son’s Alexander Lee-Enoch, Matthew Lee-James, Joseph Lee-Manuel and Daniel Lee-Jose Jr. Ana enjoys sketch drawing, writing poems, playing pool, refinishing furniture, meditation, Reiki, journaling and spending time with her family.  

Duties of the Paymaster: 

The Paymaster shall receive, account for, and deposit all monetary funds pertaining to the Detachment and shall provide a complete financial report to the Board of Trustees and the General Membership at the general membership meetings. The Paymaster shall also maintain the Detachment's Financial Ledger, issue receipts for all funds received, maintain the Detachments checking, savings, and any other accounts the Detachment may have. The Paymaster shall be present at all Detachment financial audits, conducted by an audit committee with all detachment bank statements, receipt book, checkbook, financial ledger and all expenditure receipts plus the results of the last audit.

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