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Special Initiatives


Carroll County Detachment 896 strives to be as involved as possible in various local and nationwide initiatives.  Here are a few:

Marine For Life is an official program of the Unites States Marine Corps that is aimed at helping Marines transition out of the Corps and into the corporate world.  Marine For Life provides access to a wide array of networking, employment, and education resources.  Point any transitioning Marine toward Marine For Life to use as an additional tool in their transition arsenal.  There is a Marine for Life Network on LinkedIn that provides useful transition guidance as well and a promotional video that better explains how Marine For Life might be of assistance.  M4L is also on Facebook.

The LCpl. Matt Snyder Camp Snoops Project will help to promote Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day and appreciation of troops and veterans through education in our schools. It will also seek to provide assistance to wounded and returning troops and/or their families on an as-needed basis.  LCpl. Snyder was a Carroll County native who was KIA in Iraq in 2006.  This project honors his sacrifice.

Prevent Suicide.

American Veterans from all conflicts are increasingly choosing suicide.  There is a plethora of articles documenting the potential reasons for this trend.  But most simply, it's a function of caring.  Help prevent suicide by educating yourself, expressing sincerity to veterans who might need help, and by simply passing on the 24/7 above resource.

American Legion Carroll Post 31 is where we hold our meetings. We encourage all Marines to interface with others who have answered the call of duty by serving in other branches of the military.  Many of our members are also members of the American Legion.  Carroll Post 31 specifically provides great social opportunities while simultaneously strengthening our community through charitable support of veterans and their familes.

MCL #896 encourages all Marines to build a military profile on  The social networking site allows those who have served a chance to detail their military experience in their own words for free, although full access is available at a price.  Social networking aside, these profiles provide an efficient way of preserving personal and collective history.  Feel free to check out the military experience of some of our detachment members on our Meet Our Members page.  Enjoy!

The National Marine Corps Business Network is a professional organization of Marines.  NMCBN provides access to a wide array of networking, employment, and education resources.  Point any Marine who is a business owner or any transitioning Marine toward NMCBN to use as an additional networking and promotional tool.  Also find NMCBN on LinkedIn.

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