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Marine Corps League Uniforms


There are a number of variations of Marine Corps League Uniforms.  The most basic/minimum uniform is the Marine Corps League cover with EGA emblem.  


Marine Corps League Covers

All members of the Marine Corps League are authorized the Red cover. Members elected to National office, or appointed to National Staff/Committees are authorized to wear Gold covers. The National Commandant will wear a White cover. Members elected to, or appointed on the Department (State) level are authorized to wear Red with Gold crown covers. The Past National Commandants are authorized to wear a Gold with White crown cover. Past Department Commandant, Past Detachment Commandant, Past Kennel Chief and Past National Director of Young Marines, with the years displayed for holding that office, are the only members who are authorized to wear their respective cover after their tour of duty is completed. All other personnel will revert back to what they were wearing before they were elected or appointed to office, removing past office identification strips. The only insignia authorized to be worn on Marine Corps League covers is the Marine Corps Emblem on left side. The Devil Dog patch will be worn up front on the right side of the cover. The identification strips, i.e., the Department or Detachment strip or embroidering will be centered on the right side. If the Life strip is worn, it will be to the rear of the right side. The Life Member strip will be worn the same as the identification strips are worn. NO Division pins or other ornaments are authorized to be worn on Marine Corps League covers.

Links to the Marine Corps League Outer Banks Detachment #1264 website have been provided below.  They've done an excellent job documenting uniform items and how to purchase them.



Below are the official MCL uniform regulations:



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