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History of the United States Marine Corps


Many books and articles have been written documenting the United States Marine Corps' remarkable history.


Here we provide links to the Official United States Marine Corps History Division.


Note:  you may encounter certificate errors.  This is normal and you should be able to proceed without any issues.


The official website of the USMC History Division and its subpages are a wonderful source of information for anyone interested in learning more about the Marine Corps and the engagements & operations in which it has been involved.


Here is a linke to the USMCHD pulication page.  At the bottom you can access and view, free of charge, histories on various aspects of the Corps.


USMCHD also publishes a bulletin entitiled Fortitudine which is released various times per year and contains articles on various areas of USMC historical interest.  The most recent release can be found at the top & bottom of the page.

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