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USMC Education




If you are a Marine and want to continue keeping up with what is going on in the Corps, we encourage you to consider joining the Marine Corps Association and Foundation.  The Marine Corps Association and Foudation (MCA&F) is not affiliated with the Marine Corps League and is itself an entirely different organiztion, but its mission is much more focused education and leadership development.  MCA&F publishes the Marine Corps Gazette and Leatherneck Magazine, both of which provide great articles on Marine Corps history and heritage as well as on the various philisophical and operational challenges that the Marine Corps confronts daily.


Find out more about MCA&F here.  Membership in MCA&F is very reasonable given the quality of the material you receive in return.


For a taste of thier content, visit MCA&F's Scuttlebutt page.





Most Marines are familiar with the Commandan't reading list.  It contains recommended reading for Marines of all grades.  The reading list changes from time to time.  It's always worth revisiting.


Visit the Commandan't Reading List here.



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