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Want to help Marines?  You've come to the right place!

Help us fundraise!

Each year we strive to raise at least $5,000.  A large portion of those funds are charitably donated to combat wounded Marines via the Marine Corps League associated 501c3 Marines Helping Marines.  The beneficiary Marines are physically recovering from surgieries (sometimes multiple) at the nation's top military medical facilities.


However, a portion of our annual goal is used to cover operating expenses.  Any amount of financial contribution toward any of the below is certainly welcomed!  Some of our current needs include:


Donate a free MCL membership for a year!

     $35 each


Help us host an annual Marine Corps Ball (open to entire community)!

     $500 to $1500


Marketing Expenses:

     Promotional Business Cards:  $150

     Website expenses:  $200

     Promotional auto decals/magnets: undetermined

     Promotional clothing items:  undetermined


Send a member to the MCL Leadership College:


Enjoy social networking?

Obviously, we have a Facebook page!  You can help us out by "liking" our page.  We use the page to keep people informed about what is going on in the U.S. Marine Corps, our community, the Marine Corps League, related veterans organizations, Department of Veterans Affairs, military affairs, special interest stories, and in our detachment in general.


When you like our page, we receive more exposure and Marines in our community are more likely to get connected to a network of brothers that can help them succeed and enjoy life.


Additionally, many of the Marines have active LinkedIn profiles for professional purposes.  Particular LinkedIn groups of interest to any Marine nationwide include the Marine For Life Network and the Marine Corps Association and Foundation.

Prevent Suicide!

Anyone can help prevent suicide! 

If you need help, there is help!

Veteran's Crisis Line

Are you looking for ways to volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers!  We welcome help from anyone who would like to help us plan events, fundraise, network with the local community, keep in contact with our membership, lead & develop local youths, and support our various causes in general!


Ideal volunteers include those who have a special place in their hearts for the American Veteran and especially for the Marines!  Social Workers, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Marketers, Historians, Educators, etc. would all be welcomed additions to our volunteer family!


We are parcitularly searching for a volunteer who would be willing to take the lead on Toys For Tots here in Carroll County.  There would be some mandatory training necessary.  Ideal candidate would be a good communicator, networker, and administrator.  Contact if interested.  The individual does not have to be a member of our detachment or a Marine Corps Veteran.


If you are a current member of our detachment, please consider volunteering as an elected or appointed officer.  The functions executed by the executive board of our detachment are vitally important to our success as an organization.  I think you'll find your experince serving in such a capacity to be very rewarding and it's a practical way to develop leadership experience, community networking exposure, and problem solving skills.

Help us grow our membership!

We are looking for volunteers to help spread the word about our Detachment and about the Marine Corps League in general.  You can help a Marine by simply pointing them to this website and getting them connected to fellow Marines and their community!  Many of us know a grandparent, brother, sister, relative, cousin, or a friend that is (1) either a Marine or (2) knows someone who is.  Tell them about us in passing and have them check us out!  Our membership application is posted in the membership section of this website and we now accept funds via paypal.

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